Do It!

When we began this group in March, it was in the middle of the worst legislative session New Mexico has seen. In the past, bad legislation slipped in without too much notice. But not this year! Because of it, the silent majority has stepped up. But we need to step up more. Just because you don’t see the need to speak up right now, just because you don’t see anything to fight right now, it doesn’t mean we sit back and wait for it all to blow up again. And it will.

The eastern side of NM is predominately conservative, but that could change if we continue in our complacent ways. If we don’t keep our guard up and continue to fight, progressivism can and will creep in on us.

You may not know because I haven’t been good at keeping you all advised, but the NM Patriots have continued the fight.

During this time ,Laura Schneberger from Sierra County and I had been working on referendum petitions. The first draft, I thought, was correct, so I drove it to Santa Fe. The denial letter listed what needed to be fixed, but I called the Secretary of State’s office for more clarification. I spoke to a staff attorney. She explained what I needed to do. I did the fixes as she instructed and mailed the next drafts certified, return receipt. Those denial letters listed new errors! Same errors that were on the first drafts, but not pointed out to me. Those petitions were on Right to Work, Wildlife Corridor and Coyote Killing Contests.

By that time, the SB 8 petition the GOP was trying to get approved was provided to me. So I fixed everything according to that. Then I prepared petitions on the Minimum Wage, Energy Transition and Campaign Finance Reporting bills. I had made contact with a man in Eddy County by that time that had people in Santa Fe he was sending his petitions to and they walked them over to the SOS. He was doing petitions on other bills. And guess what! New errors, or old errors that were just now being pointed out. Fixed all 6, drafted petitions on the Electoral College, Order of Protection and Early/Motor Voter bills. Stefani Lord of Bernalillo County delivered them to Santa Fe. And were denied.

The SOS had no intention of ever approving the petitions. She was slow-walking them to run our time out for getting signatures, though. But the important thing: We. Didn’t. Give. Up. We now have a complaint filed against the SOS and AG. But we need contributions to the legal fund. I have posted that here a couple of times.

It is not just the petitions the NM Patriots have been working on. Immigration, voter integrity/clean elections, candidates, 2A. These issues have not been put on the back burner. There is a great need for everybody to step up and help. Abortion and 2A bills will be back on the legislative agenda next year. MLG is trying to do some shady stuff on 2A right now. Please be ready to help. If you feel so inclined, check out Stefani Lord’s page Pro-Gun Women. She is a dynamo on 2A.

When my Dad would ask us to do something, if we said, “I’ll try,” he would say “That’s all a steer can do.” (if you don’t get that, ask a rancher/farmer) Don’t try, do it. There are 191 members on this FB page. We should have more people willing to help. We will have a booth at the Roosevelt County Fair. We could sure use volunteers to help man it.

NM Patriots Coalition needs your help. online support link.
If you are against the revocation of the Electoral College vote check here.
If you are against a minimum wage hike, putting people out of business check here. If you are against the NM NEW GREEN DEAL, check here. if you are Against #REDFLAGLAWS check here.

This is the legal action we are attempting to pursue and we need your help.
Anyone interested in supporting legal action on referendum petition denials and 2A unconstitutional laws, we are ALL dealing with, can check this link out. New Mexico Patriots Advocacy Coalition w/A Blair Dunn has filed a complaint against SOS and the AG regarding the unconstitutional denial of our referendum petitions. We filed several multiple times and the SOS kept sending them back with new reasons to deny them. If you would like to contribute towards legal fees, here is the information:
Checks/money orders mailed to:
New Mexico Patriots Advocacy Coalition
c/o Deborah Minor
PO Box 255
Eagle Nest, NM 87718
online contribution info below.
Thank you and please share this post.

Anyone interested in supporting legal action on referendum petition denials and 2A unconstitutional laws, we are ALL dealing with, can check this link out.