New Mexico Patriot Advocacy Coalition

Your donation to the New Mexico Patriot Advocacy Coalition, Foundation C/O Blair Dun Legal Firm, will help support the legal action filed last month, against the Secretary of state, Maggie Tolouse Oliver and Attorney General, Hector Balderas, for the denial of New Mexico citizens Constitutional right to petition for referendum ballots on several controversial laws.
The lawsuit challenges Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s refusal to authorize the circulation of petitions aimed at repealing controversial new laws, Such as Right To Work ordinances, passed by counties, intending to grow their businesses. Raising the minimum wage, which will ensure fewer jobs and harm small businesses. Replacing the NM Electoral College vote, with the National Popular Vote, which ensures our very rural state has no participation in the presidential elections. And the NM Green New Deal which will raise taxes on oil production and cost individuals much more for fuel.

The lawsuit also challenges the new background checks law on transferring private ownership of guns, as unconstitutional, as well as a new #redflag law based on Senate Bill 328, also a violation of people’s right to due process by requiring them to surrender firearms even if they haven’t been convicted of a crime.
While the intent is to prevent crime and further danger, #RedFlag laws that are punitive prior to conviction, are unconstitutional and can be used arbitrarily to impact innocent people.

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Our organization is brand new and we need and very much appreciate your help.
New Mexico Patriots Advocacy Coalition
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